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After finalizing their adoption last month, Anthony, Seth, and Patrick are celebrating their first Father’s Day as a forever family!

Patrick and Seth met Anthony through Weekend Miracles when he was 14. At the time, he was being hosted by another family who was championing to find his adoptive parents. Seth and Patrick got to know Anthony, and the three built an incredible bond.  Seth and Patrick offered to become Anthony’s permanent family and two years after meeting, Anthony moved in when he was 16.  The family has been enjoying life together ever since, and Anthony has been enjoying sports and making remarkable strides in school. 

Just shy of his 18th birthday, Anthony’s adoption was finalized last month! With his parents by his side, Anthony will celebrate his birthday next month. And soon he will head into his Senior year at Venice High School, where he is a valued member of the basketball team.

To honor each other for their first “official” Father’s Day Seth and Patrick penned these heartfelt letters.

My Dearest Seth,

This is going to be our first official Father’s Day! I am so grateful that you are my husband and our son’s father.

Thank you for gently waiting for me to understand that we had room in our lives to be parents. Thank you for easing me into life with Kidsave and never pushing further than I needed.

Thank you for being the one who can talk with Anthony about almost anything and creating space for him to truly hear. Thank you for holding me accountable, having my back, and being a true partner when things get rough as dads.

I often say that although I am a loving person, I had no idea how much I could love someone before Anthony. My love for Anthony is a reflection of my love for you and your capacity to love.

You are the best person I have ever met.

Happy Father’s Day.




Dear Patrick,

On this, our first Father’s Day as Anthony’s legal, adoptive parents, I look back at our journey up to this point overwhelmed with love and admiration for you, and totally inspired by your commitment to our son. Our marriage has only become stronger since opening our hearts and homes to Anthony.

Thank you for always being the loving voice of reason and for standing up for what you believe is right. You came into this experience completely open to whatever would come from it and that has helped me to be more resilient when faced with the ups and downs of parenthood.

Thank you for shooting hoops with him, for riding bikes with him, and for being such a loving friend and parent to him. I always knew you would be a great dad. I just didn’t realize how terrific you’d be until I had a chance to live it by your side.

Happy Father’s Day,



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