Project Description

Morris – Age 13

Morris, age 13, is a bright, intelligent, and artistic youth who loves anything anime! Morris (pronouns are they/them/their) also recently discovered a new activity – fencing – which they enjoy.

Morris has a desire to learn and be great at school, and they currently participate in the Boys & Girls Club after school, as well as taking a sewing class on Saturdays to learn something new and to pass the time. Morris wishes to improve academically, and the school is helping Morris bring their academic performance up to grade level.

Morris is also making steady progress in therapy towards learning to better handle and appropriately express their feelings/emotions. Morris’ self-esteem and self-advocacy are improving as well. Morris would like to find an adoptive family that is patient and understanding and would be open to them maintaining a relationship with Morris’ younger half-siblings.

If you think your family might be a good fit for Morris, please let us know. We are ready to help make Morris’ tomorrow a brighter one as part of an adoptive family.

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