It’s Raining Burritos in Houston!

Despite the blazing Texas heat, we had a great turnout at our recent Weekend Miracles Houston event! Our Weekend Miracles program aims to help older kids in foster care find meaningful, long-lasting relationships. Whether kids are looking for a mentor, host, or adoptive family, we want to help them connect with caring adults who will be in their lives for the long haul. For many kids in foster care, their life has been full of sudden changes, heartbreaking goodbyes, and starting over. This can create feelings of loneliness and abandonment, feelings we want to help eliminate.

At Houston’s event, it was raining burritos and avocados. Sounds strange? We’re referring to the “Throw Throw” games for those unfamiliar. It’s a dodgeball-meets-food fight-meets-card-game hoopla that lets you pelt your friends with soft toys shaped like food items. And yes, it is as fun as it sounds. In this case, the kids played Throw Throw Burrito and Throw Throw Avocado while getting to know host families who came out for the day’s festivities.

We gathered at the Trini Mendenhall Community Center with an even match of 17 families and 17 Weekend Miracles kids. Newer families and kids may have been shy initially, but they quickly forgot their nerves in all the fun.

Our team familiarized everyone with the game’s rules, and soon, burritos and avocados were flying! There were some competitive spirits, but everyone made peace over a delicious pizza lunch.

Growing up in foster care, kids in our programs can feel forgotten. At our events, we always try to help them feel special. One way we do this is by celebrating our kids’ birthdays and giving them a unique birthday cake. At this event, we had two birthdays. Skyler celebrated his 15th birthday, and Tracy celebrated her 13th. We all gathered around to sing them the happy birthday song, gift them with cake, and help them experience the unique feeling we all should have on a birthday.

Our mission is to find loving, forever families for all the wonderful kids in our program, so they never have to feel alone or forgotten again.

Weekend Miracles

There are many wonderful kids in our Weekend Miracles program in need of a host or adoptive families. These older kids in foster care are growing up without the stability and love that all kids need to thrive. If you’re interested in adopting or hosting an older kid, please contact us. We’re happy to answer any questions and help you get started. Email us at to learn more.