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September 27, 2019

Please note: The deadline has passed to apply for Summer Miracles in December.
We are now accepting applications for Summer 2020!  Please click HERE to inquire.

What prompted the decision to do Summer Miracles this December?

Randi Thompson, President, CEO and Co-Founder says, “We just could NOT do it.  We thought about having a restful December… and then we thought about the kids who still need families from last summer, and the kids who are waiting now…. we just couldn’t stand for kids who are available for adoption NOW to wait until next summer. We know that every day a child spends in an orphanage or in foster care is a day too long!  There are children who need families and if we can find families to host them, we want to bring children now.”

Randi goes on to explain, it is well documented in the research that children lose about one month of development  for every three months they live in an orphanage, so there really is no time to lose.  People focus on this loss in development in babies, but it applies to the older kids we focus on too.  It becomes harder and harder for kids to transition back into a family the longer they have been out.

How will this program differ from the summer program?

  • It differs because we can’t have all the community advocacy events we hold during summer, and so the hosts for the winter program are families who are open to adoption if there is a good match for both the child and family. This is how the program works, with time spent together.
  • It is a great opportunity for people who already have a home study, or have begun the process, and feel they are ready to move forward to adopt, but haven’t yet found a child.
  • You don’t have to live in one of our SM communities to host during December if your goal is to adopt.

People who are working full time, and cannot take time off while the kids are here, may want to wait for the summer to host. We are building great summer communities now! And of course, for advocates, we are actively recruiting NOW in our communities for summer hosts.

Will the December program continue beyond 2019?

We’ll see what the response is. We have kids who need families and if we can match them with families who want to adopt… how can we not?

About Kidsave  

Kidsave, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity, helps older children and teens living in U.S. residential facilities, foster homes, group homes, and orphanages overseas, find loving parents and lifelong mentors through our unique Family Visit Model.  A volunteer driven-effort, Kidsave works with governments and communities worldwide to see that no orphan or foster child is forgotten, and every child grows up in a family with love and hope for a successful future.


Lauren Reicher Gordon

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What’s it like to host a child with Kidsave?

  1. Sign up for a live online Webinar with Lauren Reicher Gordon, VP and Director of Family Visit Programs.

Hosting is an amazing experience! You can take the first step by signing up to a free live webinar. In each webinar we cover:

    • The hosting program
    • Agency partners we work with
    • How to apply
    • How hosting matches are made
    • Question and answer period
  1. Meet the Kids: 

Take a look at our Summer Miracles in December Gallery to see kids who are available for adoption who will be traveling this December. Please read their bios and inquire about them today.

  1. Apply to Host

You can also get started by submitting an Application Payment (tax-deductible). Once we receive the payment, you will have access to the Host Family Application.

Questions? Use the inquiry form and we’ll reach out to answer them.