It’s been a challenging year for all of us. A year that has affected so many, especially our kids. It pushed us all out of our comfort zone and beyond what we thought was possible.

Pushing limits is what has made Kidsave what it is today. When my co-founder Terry Baugh and I started Kidsave we wanted to create opportunities for kids in foster care and orphanages to meet and get to know people with the aim of helping them find forever families. Government authorities told us (in several languages), “It’s not possible!” To which we replied, “It is possible – it has to be because children’s lives are at stake.” I’m glad we didn’t listen to the naysayers then. “No matter the obstacles,” is part of the Kidsave culture today.

So, this year when we were told our monthly in-person events and summer programs were “not possible” we found new ways to make that vital connection between our kids and our potential families possible. In fact, we tripled down, increasing the number and frequency of events by taking them virtual. We hosted an astounding 123 virtual events for Weekend Miracles and Summer Miracles kids. And many of them are now in adoptive, hosting and mentoring relationships with caring adults. In a year when we were told the kind of success we’ve experienced in previous years was “not possible,” we’ve served more than 600 kids in the U.S., Colombia, Ukraine, and Sierra Leone.

Here are the results:

  • Of the 42 Summer Miracles kids who joined our events from Colombia, 76% are headed to adoption or are matched with host families for their visit to the U.S. in 2021.
  • Of the 63 foster youth in Los Angeles County who attended 3 or more virtual events, 65% are now connected to a caring host mentor or in an adoptive match.
  • We recently launched our Weekend Miracles Program in Houston, and have already hosted 4 events virtually working with 10 children and teens so far. We also partnered to help provide back-to-school readiness packages for 100 kids in foster care.
  • In Ukraine, we served 80 young adults through our corporate mentoring program. We worked with 45 children through our Ukraine Family Visit program: 78% of these kids are now living with families.
  • In Sierra Leone, we helped 17 children find families, and we provided 350 families with crucial humanitarian aid, school supplies, and food to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For this “never give up” hard work and dedication, I appreciate my team. Their countless hours and innovative spirit made it possible. And at a time when so many of us are suffering heartache, I’m especially thankful for glimmers of hope. These stories of kids finding their forever families keep us going.

It’s the kind of dedication our kids need and deserve.

I know it’s not easy. Being a parent in any year is hard. In my life as an adoptive mom, I’ve personally experienced the challenges and joys of parenthood. In the middle of the challenges, we have to remember our kids are worth it. They are worth the effort. The time. The love. Love that pushes past the limits, the struggles, the difficulties, and gets us to a place of support and triumph is what all our kids in foster care need.

As we head into 2021, I’m thankful for the sustaining gifts of supporters like you. You’ve helped us push the limits and continue our vital work. I hope that you will join us in continuing to make a difference and help us create more forever families in 2021.

From all of us at Kidsave, we wish you a Happy and Safe New Year!

Randi Thompson,
Kidsave President, CEO | Adoptive Mom

Make More Families Happen in 2021