Sincere, age 17, is a truly genuine individual. Hiding behind a soft-spoken exterior is a depth of character that is extremely rare. As Sincere begins to open up, his humor and wit begin to reveal themselves! He is a loving and caring individual who is looking for a family to share his love and care with. Sincere’s two great passions are basketball and cooking. He hopes to play for the NBA like his favorite all-star Kobe Bryant. His other dream is to be a chef. He is a talented cook and loves Mexican food. Sincere is dedicated in both his personal activities and in academic studies. He is a mature young man with love to give to those he can depend on.

Sincere is looking for a family that will love him and not give up on him. He is a hard-working individual and consciously works on maturing emotionally. Sincere is aware that he may sometimes let his frustration get the best of him, but he has developed coping skills to calm himself down. Sincere is dedicated to taking care of those around him. Besides his passion for basketball and cooking, Sincere is passionate about helping others and their emotional needs.

Sincere understands how friendship and support can bring out the best in others. Sincere wishes for a family that can do the same for him. Are you the family for Sincere?

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