Our Summer Miracles Journey Continues…

Kidsave’s Summer Miracles Program is well underway! Last weekend’s Summer Miracles kids events were held across the country with an array of fun activities for the kids and families to enjoy. There was bowling in Chicago and the Tri-State Area, a beautiful picnic in Minnesota, a fun day of arts and crafts in Washington DC, and a fun day of hiking in Southern California. Families interested in adoption were able to meet the kids from our Summer Miracles program and get to know them in a fun and no pressure way.

There’s still 3 weeks of events to meet these awesome kids! You can learn how you can attend and meet them by signing up here or learn more about them in our Summer Miracles Kids gallery.

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Summer Miracles Kids Events – Los Angeles

In LA at the Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, kids and families were met with warm weather and friendly faces. Before beginning the activity of the day, kids were able to work on arts and crafts together and bond with their friends, swapping stories of their experiences in Los Angeles.

As the kids and families geared up for the hike, everyone was encouraged to apply sunscreen and grab some water bottles – requests that everyone was glad to adhere to, given the brilliant sunshine! Then they were off on a short hike, featuring magnificent views of Los Angeles.

Even a short hike in LA can be tiring, given the typically warm weather. Fortunately, sandwiches and snacks awaited the adventurers upon their return! Families and kids alike were more than happy to end the event by resting and enjoying their meals.

When asked what she thought of the event, Jo Moyer, LA Community Coordinator, described it as “remarkable, because I get a chance to interact with the kids and even though there’s that language barrier, it didn’t matter ‘cause we were out on a hike enjoying something together, enjoying nature.” Jo also expressed gratitude that food would be waiting for the hikers when they arrived back at the park!

The kids being hosted in LA from Colombia are a spirited and enthusiastic bunch! Each one brought their best energy to the hike and contributed to the vibrance of the day.

In SoCal, Janel and Mike are currently hosting 14-year-old Alexandra, who they describe as “easy to host and easygoing.” Janel especially enjoys the time she’s spending teaching Alexandra to swim, stating that she loves when Alexandra is purely having fun. In those moments, Janel says, “what brings me the most joy is when I see her let go and laugh and smile… I feel like I can really look inside of her when that happens and see who she really is.”

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Summer Miracles Kids Events - Los Angeles
Summer Miracles Kids Events - Los Angeles


Across the country in Chicago prospective adoptive families cheered children on as the bowled for the very first time.

“Our Kidsave group had a blast bowling this afternoon. Our community had a great time connecting kids and families,” said Maru Braemer, Kidsave’s Chicago coordinator. “Yael, 10. and Naomi, 13, showed us some cool celebration moves, while Michael, 8, and Yoselin, 11, captivated the audience with their sibling love and cuteness.”

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Naomi, age 13, is looking for her forever family.

DC Metro Area

And in the DC Metro area the weather was just right for a gathering at a park in Downtown, Silver Spring. Kids gathered around tables of crafts and these kids are natural artists! Alison, age 13, painted a meticulous and colorful array of beautiful striped lines. Jack, age 13, went for blocks of color behind strokes of zigs and zags and Greyson, 13, calligraphed a beautiful design.

Kristina Campbell, a Kidsave adoptive mother and Kidsave’s coordinator in the DC Metro Area, is currently hosting and advocating for Alison, a 13-year-old from Colombia. “Alison is a warm & loving girl that will blossom in a family,” says Kristina. “She is happy positive and always willing to help and engage with others.”

Learn How to Meet the Kids
Naomi, age 13, is looking for her forever family.