2021 Summer Miracles Kids Arrival!

The Kids Are Here!

Our Summer Miracles Kids have arrived! After a long flight from Colombia, the kids arrived in the U.S. early Saturday morning filled with excitement (and maybe some nerves too.) Nerves were present on the other side of the arrivals hall as well as the Summer Miracles host families eagerly awaited the arrival.
All those nerves were soon replaced by smiles as the kids arrived in Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC with our family communities out in force to welcome the kids. That first moment of seeing each other, that realization that this was happening, and those hurried runs towards open arms filled the arrival halls with joy time and time again across the country – and more than a few happy tears were shed.
As part of 39 kids traveling from Colombia, aged 6 – 16, this first Summer Miracles kids arrival kicks off a summer of new experiences, new places, and learning new things for the kids who are visiting communities across the U.S. Each child will be staying with their host families for five weeks over the summer as the families champion the kids, introducing them to their local communities to find them adoptive forever families.
Our successful Summer Miracles program sees over 80 percent of kids who travel find adoptive families — a success rate we’ve proudly maintained since launching the program in 1999.

This year our goal is for all 39 kids to find forever families!

To help and support our host family efforts, local community events are being held each weekend during the kids stay so that interested prospective families can meet the kids while they are here. From Los Angeles to New York, the community events are a great way to increase the chances of finding the kids forever families and an excellent way for the host families and kids to meet each other regularly and build that all-important support network.

If you have ever wondered about international adoption, now’s your chance to put those thoughts into action and meet the kids while they’re here. It’s a great way to get to know the kids in a laid-back and fun environment and start building a connection with them. To see how you can meet the kids, simply click the link below to attend our informative Summer Miracles webinar and start the process.

Learn how to Meet the Kids

Be sure to check out the highlights of the Summer Miracles kids arrival and witness the heartwarming moments when the kids met their host families in person for the first time. This life-changing experience will give many of our Summer Miracles kids their first experience of what it is like to be a part of a family and their first step towards finding a loving, caring, supportive, forever family.

Follow the kids journey right here and for updates, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where we will keep you updated on all the kids’ adventures and their steps towards finding a forever family.

Watch the Summer Miracles Kids Arrive in D.C.

With the Summer Miracles kids arrival this past weekend at Dulles International Airport they are ready to explore life in the United States with hopes to meet their forever families.

In D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, South Carolina areas, we are championing the following kids.

Jack, Age 13– DC
Happy, engaging, and friendly, Jack loves exploring the outdoors and enjoys playing sports, especially volleyball.

Alison, Age 13- M.D.
Authentic, communicative, and always smiling, Alison enjoys reading, watching T.V., and spending time outdoors.

Kelly, Age 11– SC
Kelly is a charismatic and collaborative 11-year-old girl. She excels in Spanish class and mathematics and is particularly good at puzzles and problem-solving.

Jake, Age 12 -PA
Jake, a sweet, caring, and calm boy, loves technology and loves learning about computers.

Greyson, Age 13 -D.C.
Greyson, calm and organized, enjoys listening to music and playing video games. When he grows up, he wants to become a D.J. and explore his passion for music!

These fantastic kids will be in the local area until August 14th.

Learn how you can meet our Summer Miracles Kids at fun weekend events.

Learn how to Meet the Kids

Watch the Summer Miracles Kids Arrive in Chicago

Our Summer Miracles Kids from Colombia were greeted with big smiles and open hugs at O’Hare International Airport to begin their 5-week summer visits! While here, the kids will stay with their host families who will be introducing them to their local community with hopes of connecting them with a forever family.

The five children who landed in Chicago will be staying in Illinois, Minnesota, Wyoming, and Wisconsin.

Yael, Age 10- IL
Yael is the life of the party! He loves celebrations, parties, singing, and dancing. He is a loving, respectful, and very talented boy.

Naomi, Age 13- IL
Naomi, persistent and intelligent, has dreams of becoming a veterinarian, psychologist, or criminalist.

Amelia, Age 10 – MN
Amelia, intelligent, sweet, and easy-going, loves music and dancing and dreams of being a professional ballerina when she grows.

Jean and Krista, Ages 12 and 10- WI
Jean, 12, and Krista, 10, are super social sisters who enjoy exploring new places and doing new things.

Yoselin and Michael, Ages 11 and 8 – W.Y.
Yoselin is a spontaneous 11-year-old girl that loves to dance and sing, and little brother, Michael, 8, loves playing soccer and being outdoors.

Learn how to Meet the Kids