Kidsave is seeking volunteers in many different areas – there is something for anyone who wants to contribute. If you have skills or ideas you don’t see here, use the form to let us know!

We currently need and work with hands-on volunteers across the United States in the following areas, but many things listed below can be done from anywhere!

  • Chicago, IL
  • DC Metro (DC, VA, MD)
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Area
  • New England Area
  • New York Tri State (NJ, NY, CT)
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Los Angeles, California & Southern California
If doing volunteer work helping kids is your goal join the Kidsave volunteer community – use the buttons below to apply. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Host a Child

Hosting is a growing trend in older child adoption that gives families the opportunities to meet and get to know a child before adopting them. At Kidsave we offer hosting for both US kids and for children living in foster care and orphanages overseas. For the children, hosting gives the kids an opportunity to experience family life and build a relationship with a family who will either adopt them or introduce them to others who are interested in adoption. What Kidsave has experienced over the years, is that once people meet the kids it becomes easy to be their advocates — or to fall in love.

Learn More about Weekend Hosting

Learn More about Summer Hosting

Give a Party for Kidsave

You can give a dinner, a sports party or the event of your choosing to help raise money through Kidsave. It’s simple and easy. Download a Starter Guide Here (pdf)

Event Volunteers

Our events are fun and informative. Volunteers are needed to create events, serve on committees, find auction items, build attendance, get the word out, and support fundraising, support programs, and help with logistics.

Summer Miracles®

Join our dynamic Summer Miracles Leadership Teams and help us bring orphans to communities across the country. We need people willing to do community outreach and fundraising to support the program. Host families are also needed.

Weekend Miracles®

Volunteer to run an event, host or be a mentor! Contact Us and we will provide you with the presentation tools that will help your county begin to think about change.

Start a Summer Miracles Community

If you have ever been interested in helping older orphaned children and want to make a big difference — help build a Kidsave Community in your area,  If you have a heart for helping kids find families and some time to give, learn more here.

Designers & Developers

Kidsave seeks individuals who can help with online and print communications. Help is needed to get the word out about kids in need of families. If you are handy with design or code, or are a social media wiz, we need you!

Networkers Needed

Engage your networks — your employer, book club, running team, or church group could sponsor a child or launch a community. Know someone famous who might care? Please introduce us.

Churches, Synagogues and Community Groups

We will support your existing ministry. We can help you host and advocate for orphans through your congregation and personal networks. Your ministry may wish to adopt a foreign program and provide needed financial support. If foster care is a passion, we can provide tools that you can present to your local county to begin to think about your faith community can help.

Schools and Students

Lots can be done! Fundraise with a bake sale, a car wash, plan an assembly to share information with the school about the children who need families.

Writing Marketing & PR Pros

Kidsave needs writers, PR pros and marketers who can help us build awareness of the need for families for children and of Kidsave’s global programs. Help us enable more people to take positive action for kids!


Kidsave seeks Spanish language speakers who can interpret for kids during the Summer. We occasionally have need for Russian speakers as well.

Party Planners

Do you like to entertain? Do it for Kidsave! We need help with small home-style fundraisers and big galas. Bring together a group of friends to sponsor a child and have fun doing it.


You can run for Kidsave, bike for Kidsave, walk for Kidsave as part of our MiracleMilers. Participate with like-minded athletes to compete in local runs and raise money for Kidsave online with your own web-page. Volunteer Work For Kids with Kidsave because every child needs a family.