During a pandemic, now more than ever it is essential to connect Kidsave’s foster youth and Colombian kids with loving and supportive families interested in hosting, mentoring, and adoption. We have continued to connect our Summer and Weekend Miracles, kids, with families by hosting virtual events through Zoom.

Six Colombian kids who are scheduled to visit in December recently connected with their matched host families during a Pictionary Zoom event. Judy-Anne and Brye met with David (10). Miciah and Tony met with sisters, Stella (8) and Yvette (15). Leigh and her son Ben connected with Kate (9). Liliana, Tony, and their son Izaak met with Jordan (12), and Jennifer, Brandon, and their daughter Madi connected with Mia (11). Throughout the virtual meeting, we worked with our ICBF team to help with translation between the kids and families.

Before the event, our Summer Miracles kids and families received drawing prompts. In the first round, Kidsave families drew their pictures while kids tried to guess what their drawings were. The second round, the kids drew their pictures as the families guessed. In between drawing, families, and kids had lively conversations and shared in laughter.

Judy-Anne and Brye learned that David plays soccer. David said he had three wishes, to have a family, to one day become a soldier, and to become a professional soccer player. Liliana, Tony, and Izaak asked what Jordan’s three wishes would be. Jordan said he wished for a family, to go to the zoo, and to be happy forever. Brandon, Madi, and Jennifer learned that Mia is a wonderful and talented artist. She likes Tinker Bell, her favorite food is pizza, and she likes stuffed animals. Stella and Yvette learned a lot about Tony and Miciah. Yvette shared that she wants to become a journalist or a musician, and Stella expressed her love for dancing, painting and drawing. Leigh and her son Ben learned that Kate loves dolls, shopping for clothes, and her favorite animal is a lion. Ben spent some time showing Kate his exciting Lego creations.

And just like that, we wrapped up another exciting event for older Colombian foster kids and prospective families. Kidsave hopes to bring children to the US for holiday visits this December. Learn more.