Back in the Swing of Things

Over the weekend our Weekend Miracles program got back in the swing of things with our second in-person event for our Los Angeles community. With gorgeous weather shining down, our kids and families gathered for a fun day of tennis at the idyllic MountainGate Country Club.

“Having spent most of the past year holding virtual events over Zoom, it was great to see the kids and families enjoy a day in each other’s company. “For many of our kids, this is their first in-person event,” observed Lauren Reicher-Gordon, Director of our Family Visit Programs. “So it’s heartwarming to see so many of the connections formed through our virtual events getting stronger as the kids and families finally get a chance to meet face to face.”

As the kids arrived and took in the rolling hills of the spacious MountainGate Country Club and headed towards the tennis courts, some nerves were naturally forming – even by a few of the families. But as soon as the icebreaker games took place, those nerves soon melted away in the summer sun as Jenga Towers began to topple and UNO cards were laid down. Any awkwardness soon gave way to easy-going conversations and a little competitiveness. One family’s Jenga Tower managed to reach the top of the tent before it came tumbling down! As they placed their final object at the top a hush fell over the crowd, followed by a few seconds of triumphant cheers, before the wind came and knocked it over.

The main event, though, was a day of swinging racquets and impromptu rallies as the kids and families got to enjoy fun tutorials in the basics of tennis. Despite a few wayward serves, the fun of the day’s experience was evident in the smiles that lined the courts as kids and families cheered each other on.

One of the kids we spoke with described herself as a sports lover and was very pleased with the day’s activity! She says she “loves sports, all kinds of sports – except for football.” Football was certainly not on the itinerary for this day! Instead, she was able to hang out with her peers, meet some families, and show off her athletic prowess.

During a break in the festivities, the kids and families gathered to share a delicious lunch and celebrate kids’ birthdays for the coming month. The downtime allowed for more free-flowing conversations, a chance to hang out and get to know each other more.

A primary focus of the Weekend Miracles program is for these events to help cultivate organic connections for older kids in foster care with caring adults and families. These connections can range from being a long-term mentor relationship to being a host family for a child with monthly stays in your family home to ultimately being an adoptive forever family.

What makes our program so unique is that we give the kids a voice and a choice. They’re in control of who they want to spend time with, who they get to know better, and who may end up as their forever family.

As if this weekend’s event was any indication, it was a fun-filled day of games, set with potential matches for many of our Los Angeles kids and families.

Click here to find out how you can become involved with Kidsave’s innovative Weekend Miracles program or learn more about our amazing kids by visiting our Kids Gallery here. We’re always looking to welcome more amazing families and caring adults to the program, as well as big-hearted volunteers. 

So come along and get involved with changing the life of an older kid in foster care and become a part of our Los Angeles Weekend Miracles community.