Beating the Heat and Building Connections in Houston

Our June 2022 Weekend Miracles Houston event was one to remember.

Not only did we mark our first anniversary of in-person Houston events (Yay!) but despite record breaking temperatures we also celebrated our largest Texas event to date. All thanks to wonderful volunteers and dedicated host families including Kidsave alumni Charles and his adoptive dad, Larry, who stopped by to join in on the festivities. (Read their story w/video here)

The Weekend Miracles program (in Los Angeles and Houston), goal is to help older kids in foster care find meaningful, long-lasting relationships. Whether the kids are looking for an adoptive family, or a host family – like a mentorship – we want to help them connect with adults who will be in their lives for the long haul. For many, the life of a kid in foster care involves a lot of moving with frequent goodbyes and start overs. We want to eliminate those feelings of loneliness for kids in foster care.

Outdoor Fun in the Sun

Our “Meet the Kids” event took place at MLK Jr. Park in Conroe, Texas where kids and host families cooled off at the splash pad. They took part in Nerf battles and various outdoor lawn games. Of course, on such a hot day, we had to incorporate some water games. After a rejuvenating picnic lunch, we had a fun – and (literally) cool – surprise in store. A grand finale of a water balloon battle! With over 10,000 water balloons, the adults became kids again. The adults quickly separated, teamed up with Kidsave youth, and strategized their approach. Soon, everyone stormed the park for an epic water balloon battle.

With all the games done, we had one more sweet surprise in store.

Let There Be Cake

The event concluded with the celebration of four Kidsave youth birthdays. Our wonderful volunteer, April, baked birthday cakes in the kids’ favorite flavors and made special frosting designs according to their unique interests. Who doesn’t love a personalized cake? All the kids and host families had a feast while laughing over the events of the day.

The kids all said it was their favorite event so far and they are all eager to find out what fun is in store for them at July’s event.

Learn more about out Weekend Miracles Houston here.