Kidsave is a non-profit, charitable organization
that urgently needs your help.

We work tirelessly to help children here in the US, and across the world, find permanent, loving families so they can
escape the incredibly tough life of growing up in orphanages and care homes.

If you can donate money today, or help by volunteering or fundraising for Kidsave, you’ll be helping children across the
globe get a real family and grow up in a loving home instead of growing up alone.

Who is Kidsave?

Private donations from our Kidsave Guardians cover all of our operating costs so 100% of
your donation will go to find families for kids.

If you prefer to mail a check made out to Kidsave send to: Kidsave, PO Box 39293, Los Angeles, CA 90039-0293
Donate via Bitcoin


How Your Donation Helps

Help Older Orphans

You offer the opportunity for older orphans to be paired with host families who help them to find an adoptive family. Hosts often become their adoptive parents as well. Giving an orphan child a family transforms that child’s life.

Help Foster Children

You offer teens and preteens stuck in foster care the chance to find caring and nurturing parents and mentors who offer the love, guidance, and education they need to succeed.

Help Vulnerable Children

You help give children who ended up in orphanages separated from their families through no fault of their own get back the love and support they need and deserve. Even when a child has had a hard start in life, the gift of family changes everything.

More Ways to Give

Have some fun
while doing good.


Use email and social media to create a home for a child.


Just say “Buy Me Nothing” let’s give a child a family.