Well, it’s been an interesting few months, to say the least. This unforeseen and uncertain period has offered us a distinct opportunity to appreciate, recognize, and be inspired by our Kidsave kids. Kids who have faced some of life’s toughest obstacles and persevered time after time. We’ve taken lessons from them, and started to see the world through their resilient eyes. These children, many of color and LGBTQ, who face what seems like insurmountable difficulties and discrimination, just keep on fighting.

We are taking their lead and are continuing to fight for their success and a chance at a real future – all through the power of family, and building a strong caring base of connection, love, and hope.

Usually, our in-person events allow foster kids to get to know families over a day of bowling, go-carting, or cake making. But since stay at home orders came into place, we moved Kidsave’s entire family visit model to a virtual format.

Now, on weekends, kids and prospective families in Los Angeles County meet via Zoom and participate in virtual trivia, scavenger hunts, and more, building those all-important connections. And recently Kidsave Texas held its first virtual event with a fun-filled virtual scavenger hunt courtesy of Paramount Studios. We also continue to train our international partners to find and support families in a virtual world for kids in Colombia, Ukraine, and Sierra Leone.

It’s not been without its challenges. But inspired by our kids, we fight on.

Our Summer Miracles program was delayed due to travel restrictions.  We now plan to bring a group of 50 Colombian kids to the US for a winter visit this December, once travel restrictions are lifted.

And in adapting to a changing landscape, we’ve found new opportunities for connections.

Last week, we hosted our first virtual event for our Winter Miracles program allowing host families and the Colombian children they hope to host in December to chat and get to each other better well in advance of their first in-person meeting at the airport in December.

In July we hosted our first ever Virtual Gala with families across the country joining us to celebrate our kids’ amazing journeys. I am so thankful to all who supported us and for believing, as we do, in the power of family.

We’re proud to say we’re making major strides, staying true to our mission to find meaningful connections and families for older kids in care, no matter what the odds.

Now, I ask you to help us continue our fight. Please join us in making a huge difference in a child’s life before the end of the year. Here are just a few of the ways you can help:

  • Raise awareness and spread the word about the kids in our programs. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and click that share button! The more people who know about these amazing kids, the greater their chance of finding their forever family.
  • Become a Winter Miracles Host anywhere in the U.S.  We need more families to meet our goal of bringing and finding permanent homes for 50 Colombian children. Learn more here.
  • Become a Weekend Miracles Host. Sign up to get to know children in Los Angeles or Houston.  Learn more here.  In DC, North Carolina, and Colorado you can get involved with similar programs by starting here.
Thank you once again for believing in our Kidsave kids.
Stay safe, stay well,