Meet 15-year-old Elijah, a huge Steelers fan, who said that his dream destination is to travel to Pittsburgh to see the Steelers play on Heinz Field. 

David, and Elijah, in a ‘breakout room’ while they decide on their answers for the first round of trivia.
Elijah is looking for an adoptive family in Los Angeles.

Elijah loves to play football on his high school team and is really missing being on the field with his teammates during this pandemic.

Last week Elijah participated in Kidsave’s new virtual event where kids and prospective adoptive families and mentors had great fun playing trivia. Keeping kids connected to adults and building relationships is so critical at this time. Kidsave is continuing to hold virtual events every week as we are steadfast in our efforts to find adoptive families and mentors that our kids long for and deserve. Sari Grant, an administrator with DCFS said, “I was able to see firsthand how the Kidsave events are helping our kids stay connected to adults. It was amazing to also see how Elijah and the other kids participating were actually able to start developing relationships. The kids and the families told me that they wanted to participate in more virtual events in order to get to know each other better.”

Elijah is one of the many kids in Los Angeles County who are receiving a care package from Kidsave this week. Imagine feeling so isolated and then receiving an unexpected package–the pure joy and happiness of realizing that people are thinking of you and care about you.

Thanks to generous donors like you, Elijah’s care package is headed to his door. The contents? You’ve probably guessed it by now —

Pittsburgh Steelers activities and gear!

We need to keep connections going strong for Elijah and other older foster youth and show them that we are doing everything possible to find them adoptive families and mentors.

Help us continue to build and strengthen connections for our kids by considering becoming an adoptive parent or mentor. If you can’t, then please consider donating. Your support today will continue to be felt during virtual meetings, in the smiles when a kid opens a package, and the happiness they feel knowing that their lives and futures will be forever changed when they find a place to call home.