Foster Organization Looks to Zoom to Connect Kids with Potential Families

Kidsave is a nonprofit that helps connect older foster children, ages 9 through 18, with families interested in adoption.


EXCERPT: The coronavirus pandemic has kept foster kids from meeting potential foster families in Los Angeles County and changed Kidsave’s plans drastically. Social distancing mandates caused the events to be canceled – and the children noticed, Randi Thompson CEO and co-founder said, “The kids were saying, ‘When’s the next event? When’s the next event?’ And we said, ‘We got to do something,'” she said. “So, we immediately thought, ‘Well, why can’t we do this in a virtual format?'” The meet-ups are now held over Zoom, allowing families to do activities with foster children virtually. “We’re amazed at how well it’s working,” Thompson said. “We’re learning so much about the kids because it is a more intimate environment, and we’re learning things that are helping us to be able to advocate to help them find permanent families.”

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