We held our first strategic Weekend Miracles matching event in almost two years in Los Angeles!

We hosted two events in tandem at the same location – the other was a larger Meet the Kids events for children and families new to our program.
As you may know, our Meet the Kids events give the kids the chance to have some fun and spend time meeting families. Once kids and families form a mutual connection, our strategic matching events present an exciting opportunity for our kids to spend time with specific adults who they have chosen to get to know better. The goal is to help both kids and adults strengthen their bond.

“At a strategic event, we see more matches get created,” says Claudia, our Weekend Miracles asst. program manager. “They’ve already gotten the opportunity to spend time together one-on-one, so it’s easier for them to find either an adoptive or host match.”

We held the two events at the gorgeous Brookside Park in Pasadena, California. The sun was out to greet us as everyone arrived, ready to have a good time! With fun activities, including hula hooping, soccer, and good old-fashioned catch to enjoy, the kids had a chance to laugh and chat with each other and with families eager to learn more about them.

We caught up with host parents, Destiny and Carlos, at the event. They’ve supported Kidsave for some time, and it’s their second time hosting. Their first hosting experience was life-changing as they hosted a boy named Anthony and helped champion him to find his forever family.

“We were able to see the bond that happens with adoption,” says Carlos. “We were there when Anthony was brand new to the organization,” Destiny says, “he was nervous and shy; now he’s opened up and is a completely different person.”

Destiny shares that Anthony’s family now feels like an extended part of their own. “We text each other all of the time; we see them whenever we can,” says Destiny, “because it was important to him, and it was important to us.” Their journey perfectly encapsulates the spirit of all our work. We take the feelings and wishes of our kids and families into account because we value the opinions of the kids we serve.

We also spoke with Giovanna, 15, one of the wonderful kids in our program who is looking for an adoptive family. She’s been in foster care since she was 12 years old and has noted how people can sometimes be cautious about adopting older kids in care. “I want people to know that I’m not mean; I won’t bite,” says Giovanna, “I’ll just give you a hug.” Her smile is hopeful, and her words echo the feelings of so many older kids in care. All kids need a hug and family guidance at the end of the day.

To attend our next Weekend Miracles event, schedule a call with Claudia and view our events calendar here.