Thousands of children impacted by the Ebola crisis are still living in orphanages in Sierra Leone. Kidsave is seeking to help as many as we can. With time, money and attention most can be reunified with their extended family members; and those who cannot will be placed by the Kidsave team in foster or host families on their way to permanent families.

While the anticipated outcome of our family placement is a success story, it is unfortunately only part of the story! The challenge is to ensure that these children remain with their new families for as long as possible. As is the case in much of the developing world, women in Sierra Leone are the primary caregivers for their families, and they don’t always have the means to provide for another child. Many mothers run small businesses and off-farm activities to help support their families, and they need extra help to boost their household income. Kidsave is
helping build an economic strengthening program to enable these women to provide for the orphaned children they add to their family
because the kids lost their parents due to the Ebola epidemic.

The plan is simple: for $75 a year ($6.25 a month – the cost of a venti cappuccino), you can empower a working mother to support her family.

We need your help to empower these hard-working and dedicated women so they can care for orphans in Sierra Leone!