Kidsave on the Ground Helping Orphans in Sierra Leone

Kidsave works in Sierra Leone to place children without parents into families. The number of children without parents skyrocketed during the Ebola Crisis. Now Kidsave is working to help those children find families. While Ebola has slipped from the headlines, the needs of these Ebola orphans and the need for their support remains urgent as hundreds, possibly thousands of children are still waiting in care centers and institutions, in need of permanent family care.

With more than 8,500 registered Ebola orphans in Sierra Leone, the need for recovery efforts focusing on helping these children is greater than ever. Please help.

Please feel free to copy and use the images and text from the stories above to help
children whose families were destroyed by Ebola in Sierra Leone.

More Ways to Give

Sponsor One Child

Contribute $325 to support one child or give monthly to support one child each month. Or, fund one month of family-reunification efforts on behalf of 12 children.


Pay for Beds

For $115 pay for one child’s bed kit (mattress, sheets, pillow and toiletries).



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Kidsave is proud of the work and efforts of our partners and volunteers in Sierra Leone. These workers have faced and everyday continue to face an uncertain and often dangerous situation in order to offer protection and hope to some of the most vulnerable children in the world.


Programs and Services Working in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Family Visit

The Kidsave Sierra Leone Programme combines microloans with hosting to help increase family care in Sierra Leone for African children from local orphanages.

On the ground Village Care Initiatives (VCI) manages the Kidsave Sierra Leone Program. VCI staff and volunteers adapted The Family Visit Model to local customs – ensuring that the tenets of child preparation, family training and child protection were well maintained.

Microloans for families who are striving to offer permanent family care for children in the program is provided by interested groups such as “Kidsave Moms” and by generous donations. Fund a microloan above.

Expanding Our Reach


Kidsave is working with the government of Sierra Leone to determine the numbers of children in institutions and interim care centers. Our information management system will support identification of orphanages unknown to the government, provide mobile technology to support reunification efforts and track permanent placements for all children. Training is also available to in how to implement the Family Visit Model.

For more information contact

Kidsave is committed to help the children of Sierra Leone by rebuilding family connections and providing orphaned children with the opportunity to grow up in permanent families. We are hopeful this program will be the inspiration for moving more children into permanent family care throughout Africa.

For more information about Kidsave’s work in Sierra Leone please contact Terry Baugh, at
or call the DC office at (202) 503-3100.

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