It isn’t ever appropriate when a young person dies.  And to lose a beautiful young woman and champion for children in her prime is tragic.  Becky Weichhand was one of the most genteel people to walk the planet, and surely, she was the most genteel human being to live and work on Capitol Hill.  She was a lady in every sense of the word — caring, compassionate, kind, gracious and smart.  But she was a warrior in our shared quest for children to grow up in families.

I was privileged to work with Becky on the Hill advocating for policies that would help children find families.  She is responsible for opening the minds and hearts of many Members on both sides of the aisle to issues of adoption and foster care.  She led the way for many legislative victories, and she shared in legislative sorrows.  I admired her grit, her presentation and respectfulness for every Member and staffer she met.  In our coalitions she was always stepping up to take on responsibility and support the team, taking on the un-fun jobs.  She had a keen mind and a good understanding of policy, what would work and what wouldn’t.  As a staff member and then the leader of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute she was dedicated and worked tirelessly.  Becky thanked everyone who helped her in any small way.  That was one of her gifts.

Today we have lost a very special young woman and we have lost a precious advocate for children.  I pray that Becky’s example will inspire others to fight for children growing up in families, as she will be sorely missed.

We at Kidsave extend our heartfelt sympathies to her family, friends and colleagues at this sad time.