Kidsave Weekend Miracles on A&E
“The Day I Picked My Parents”

Airs on A&E Network’s FYI Channel Sunday, September 22 at 7 am ET/PT.
You can also watch all five episodes below.

Kidsave’s weekend hosting program in Los Angeles is designed to help older foster youth find committed mentors and loving adoptive families. A&E’s “The Day I Picked My Parents” features youth and families in our program who have journeyed through advocacy, mentorship, and hosting. In some of these heartwarming stories, they’ve found their paths to permanency and adoption.

This documentary series is about the lives of older children who struggle to find families because of their age.  It shines a light on the numerous challenges and hard-fought triumphs of these kids who’ve lived in unstable placements, hoping to find parents who will love and care for them and a place to call home.

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Affiliate Programs that we’ve helped build throughout the U.S.

Kidsave Summer Hosting Program helping older youth overseas.


Other programs and resources that help foster kids throughout the U.S., find resources for fostering, adoption, advocacy and mentoring.


Professionals, learn more about Weekend Miracles at a live webinar on September 11.

Attend the Weekend Miracles Fall Festival on October 12 in Pacific Palisades, CA. Meet some of the cast members!