Quarantine and social distancing can’t stop a loving family from building a relationship and making a commitment to a child who needs a loving, permanent place to call home.

We are proud to announce that through our advocacy efforts and those of our partners, 6 youth in our program have been matched for adoption. We are also excited that through our twice-a-week virtual advocacy events since April, we’ve matched 4 older foster kids in LA with hosts. Host families commit to supporting and advocating for the youth for at least a year. And after restrictions are lifted, hosts spend at least 2 weekends a month with their host child.

Maggie and Tim joined Weekend Miracles before the pandemic, but through weekend virtual events were able to get to know 16-year-old Hujenia on more of a one-on-one basis. They are now officially her hosts! “It’s humbling exciting to support Hujenia and to be allowed entry into her life,” said Maggie. “We are so grateful.”

Maggie and Tim didn’t set off on a journey to adopt. They just really wanted to help. “ [LA County] DCFS guided us to Kidsave and Kidsave trained us and de-mystified the whole process,” said Maggie. “It’s exciting to share with friends that it’s a step-by-step process and helping a child this way is very possible.”

Another host family, Sarah and Chris, made their hosting relationship official with 12-year-old Eugene, virtually.“The virtual events were great. It put us in a position where we were able to move forward to hosting, in a time when it would be impossible otherwise,” said Sarah. “We recently were able to have a private Zoom call for an hour and a half. He met our family. He took a virtual tour of our house, so he’ll know what to expect when he can visit in person.”

Sarah says they find fun ways to stay connected. “I baked him cookies and dropped off games, waving to him through the door,” said Sarah. “He said it made his day!”

Because of stories like these, Kidsave plans to continue hosting virtual Weekend Miracles events even when restrictions lift, along with in-person events.

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