Over 4,000 foster children, ages 7 – 17, are waiting for adoption in Texas.

Unfortunately, the vast majority reside in restrictive, non-familial environments where they are raised by shift workers and do not have nurturing and lasting relationships with a consistent caregiver who can provide them with individualized care or offer them the emotional, educational, and other stable support they need.

In Texas, 90% of the nearly 2,200 youth residing in emergency shelters and residential treatment centers are ages 7 – 17.

Kidsave is launching Weekend Miracles in Houston to tackle this issue.

We aim to ensure more Texas youth grow up in families and connected to caring adults.

In partnership with Hearts With Hope and the faith-based community, our innovative Weekend Miracles hosting program will create a path toward permanency for older kids languishing in foster care. Kidsave Texas is set to launch in January 2020.


Every child needs someone to love them for just who they are.

Kidsave developed our hosting model because too many older kids are languishing in foster care in the U.S.
Our Weekend Miracles program enables volunteers to host older kids who live in foster care. Our unique program empowers youth to make decisions regarding their futures and allows them to have a say in who they would like to spend time with and get to know more.
Hosts have the opportunity to get to know, mentor and support the child, and work with Kidsave to find or become a permanent home for the child.
Kidsave moves the hardest to place kids into permanency and helps them find stable connections. 



Once people in the community get to know older children growing up in government care, many feel compelled to help – and some take steps to adopt or build other more permanent relationships.


When kids get to know people in a non-threatening environment, they are more open to finding that special, permanent relationship that can make an important difference in their lives.


When kids have a voice in who they want to be with, relationships are more likely to endure.


Your gifts of time and money can transform the life of a foster child in Houston.

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