A Fun Day With Weekend Miracles – Above Par

This past weekend, our Weekend Miracles kids and families teed off for a fun afternoon of mini-golf in Sherman Oaks! Potential host and adoptive families met with kids in our Weekend Miracles programs at the gorgeous Sherman Oaks Castle Park. And with temperatures upwards of 95 degrees, the competition was heating up – thankfully there was plenty of sunscreen and plenty of joy to go around.

The event began with something anyone with kids can use right about now – a Back-to-School supplies distribution! The yearly trek to a local store to fill up on all things school-related can be a bit overwhelming (notebooks and pencils and rulers, oh my!). So thanks to our event planning committee, the pain was eased as each kid received a Back-to-School pack filled with essential supplies for the new school year.

After some introductions and ice-breaker games, it was time to get golfing! Sherman Oaks Castle Park was especially appealing on this day. With the sun shining down, the grass looked greener, the castles’ colors shone more brightly. Kids were enchanted by the splendor of the palaces and the intoxicating joy of the park. Of course, when the weather’s as warm as it was this past Saturday, it was vital to keep the water flowing and make sure all golfers were hydrated! But the heat didn’t beat these attendees, who were determined to have fun while building connections with each other.

As the kids and families navigated their way through windmills, water hazards, and tricky hill shots, the got to each other better and you could see connections – and some friendly rivalry – being made with each passing hole.

As the event was coming to a close, a popular topic of discussion was Kidsave’s upcoming Annual Hike! Our Hike With Your Heart event has been an annual celebration and fundraiser for Kidsave since 2015. It’s an opportunity for people who’ve grown their families through adopting or mentoring to gather in support of our mission. The event is also open to people who are a little newer to Kidsave, and it’s a perfect opportunity to see the magic of the work we do. This year the event is inspiring because participants will participate virtually from all across the nation!

It’s always such a joy to watch the kids in our programs meet and interact with potential forever families and potential host families. Anyone can be shy when meeting new people, and when the stakes are as high as they are for these incredible kids, it’s understandable that they may be a little cautious. The process requires a certain amount of vulnerability from both sides, and that trust can take time to build. But it’s so beautiful when they do connect and form those lasting bonds!

These Weekend Miracles events are typically held once a month and always give the kids in our Weekend Miracles program a chance to interact with families. The kids will always have a say in whether they’re looking for adoption or just a host family, and we’re happy to champion their search.

Click here to find out how you can become involved with Kidsave’s innovative Weekend Miracles program or learn more about our amazing kids by visiting our Kids Gallery here. We’re always looking to welcome more amazing families and caring adults to the program, as well as big-hearted volunteers.

So come along and get involved with changing the life of an older kid in foster care and become a part of our Los Angeles Weekend Miracles community.