In the years since Kidsave was founded in 1999 we have helped over 12 governments and over 3,000 children. Every story is worth telling, here are a few adoption success stories from all of our programs.


Tatiana Graduates!

Tatiana Spencer, born in Kazakhstan 1995 came to the US with Kidsave Summer Miracles to DC in 2003 where she met her forever family, George Spencer and June Ellison. At age 9, Tatiana came home to VA in 2004 and started her new life with her sister, Julia also from the former Soviet Union and four months older than Tania.


Carlos turns 16

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing Carlos to me! Saturday was a special day. Carlos turned 16. I call it the 8+8=16 day. Carlos’s adoption went through a few days after his 8th birthday. So as of this week, he has been in the US and my son for half his life!


James Story – Miracle in Courtroom 404

James had been in the Weekend Miracles program for exactly a year when he first met Gerry and Ruben at the October Kidsave event in 2012. He was also living in a group home, had experienced multiple adoption disruptions, and was starting to lose hope that he would ever find a family.


Cristian’s Story! Home in time for the holidays

“Two years ago, I was thinking surrogacy, co-parenting, or adopting an infant. There is no way that I would have guessed that I would adopt a 13 year old,” says Adam. “The process is amazing, and ultimately I ended up with an awesome child, Cristian. He is absolutely my son, and I could not be any happier.”


Henry’s Heartwarming Story

When I was very little my father died, and my mother turned me over to a family who put me to work. I got up at dawn and picked vegetables, pulling a donkey in the hot sun. I lived in poverty, surrounded by drugs and alcohol and violence. So one day I ran away, and I was placed in a foster home. Kidsave came to my rescue…


Kolya’s Story

In the orphanage in Russia we didn’t have to deal with my drunken parents, and I guess they didn’t mind not having us around because they never visited us. After a few years they told me that we had a chance to visit America and spend time with people who might want to adopt us.



When I was three years old, my biological father died of a drug overdose. My abusive mother was an alcoholic and most likely a prostitute. For years I lived in dangerous and unhealthy conditions, often having to steal food in order to eat. I remember sleeping alone under a bus seat after my mother put me out on the street. Kidsave was my hope…


Second Hope Takes – Jeimmy

In 2006, because of Kidsave we traveled to the US again, and were finally adopted. Now that I am in college, I realize that I have the opportunity to share my life experience with others. I want to share the love and compassion I have been given by people who were not obligated, who made the choice to love me and care for me even when they did not know me….


His Last Hope Fulfilled

Tyree has sickle cell anemia, which complicated efforts to find him an adoptive family, since many did not feel prepared to take a child with medical needs. He had appeared on Wednesday’s Child, an adoption advocacy segment on Fox News sponsored by the Freddie Mac Foundation, twice, with no response. Kidsave was Tyree’s last hope for finding a family.


But, most of all I have a Mom – Andrea’s Story

In Colombia, I never had anyone I could call “mom” or “dad”. My brother Sebastian and I lived with relatives who were abusive to us. We were poor, and life was hard. I remember not knowing where we’d sleep at night. Instead of going to school like other kids, I sold lemons on the street and begged from strangers to survive.

Adoption Success Stories Milena

Milena’s Story – I fell in love with them instantly

Hi, my name is Milena. I was adopted from Russia when I was nine. My parents divorced when I was born so I never met my father. My mom started drinking and smoking and was unable to care for me.

Adoption success stories - Eunice

Eunice and Sari’s Story

Everyone cautioned Sari to consider connecting with an “easier child”, as she had never been a parent before. But Sari and Eunice felt an immediate bond on that October afternoon. Sari loved Eunice’s brilliant smile and Eunice thought Sari was really funny.