Thank you for believing!

Through your support, Kidsave’s life-changing programs continue to create adoption success stories for kids in the U.S. and overseas. And the presence of family, key adult role models in their corner, continues to change the trajectory of these kids’ lives. Instead of facing the world alone and aging out of the foster care system, kids like Pedro are growing up with stability, unwavering support, love, and encouragement.

Since his adoption, Pedro’s been excelling in school, becoming a student leader, and enjoying precious memories with his mom and dad.  And his parents, Courtney and Michael, are reaping the priceless rewards of having a son to call their own.

Thank you for believing in what we do and in the power of family to change lives.

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Finding Balance Together

Brenda felt connected to Chayan as soon as he arrived from Colombia. “The moment that sticks out most to me is the second he got off the plane.” She remembers Chayan running up to her in a blur of yellow,“ he had these little yellow glasses and his yellow shirt, and he was the tiniest little thing with this big smile on his face, running up to me.”

Julie’s Adoption Story

This past October, Julie celebrated her 19th birthday surrounded by the comfort and support of a loving home – a stark contrast for many foster kids. And together, Julie's family has embarked on a new adventure: starting a business!

A Leap of Faith

For Stephen McCall, his close bond with his mother, his family and friends were always enough. He was perfectly content with his life as it was, until a trip to Colombia changed everything.

A Different Lens

Two worlds collided at one of Kidsave's weekend advocacy events. "Little did we know that we'd meet the most amazing little guy in the world on our very first Kidsave event," recalls Sam. It was at a bowling alley...

Finding Forever

"Kidsave allowed me to learn new things and have a life," reflects Angela. "Kidsave gave me a chance to meet my parents, go to college and find my way in this world..."

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