Our Second Colombia Virtual Event

Last week Kidsave hosted our second virtual event via Zoom with our Summer Miracles youth in Colombia. This special event gave David, age 10, Kate, age 9, and Jordan, age 12, the opportunity to meet and get to know their future hosts. Three families joined the call, and the groups went around and asked each other what they are most looking forward to after quarantine and talked about their favorite breakfast food.

Hosts Liliana and Jose met with Jordan. If the quarantine were over, Jordan said he would love the opportunity to travel. Jordan’s favorite breakfast is Caldos, a breakfast soup. Jose loves ham, eggs, potatoes, and beans, and Liliana loves omelets with veggies and bacon. The family learned that Jordan’s favorite sport is soccer, and he especially loves the soccer team in Barcelona. Jordan said that he enjoys video games and loves pets. Liliana and Jose introduced Jordan to their cats and their son. With a smile on his face, Jordan commented, “you seem like a wonderful family.”

Judy-Anne and Brye met with David. If quarantine were over, Judy-Anne would like some swimming time, her fondness for the beach, and to visit family throughout the US and Germany. David said he likes to start his day off sweet with a breakfast of bread and chocolate! Brye and Judy-Anna love breakfast burritos. David and the family learned that they have the same favorite color, green. David loves to play soccer and enjoys going to school. They shared their mutual love for music and their favorite artists and sharing their mutual interest in reggae music. David learned that the family likes the movie Back to the Future, they enjoy playing soccer and playing with Legos, and they have a lot of animals.

Greg and Leigh met with Kate. If quarantine were over, Greg and Leigh would love to visit Colorado and visit with their family. Kate shared that her favorite breakfast is eggs and bacon and that she loves to draw, Zumba dance, and her favorite color is pink! Greg and Leigh introduced Kate to their family dog, Cici, and their birds. “Cici is a beautiful animal,” said Kate. The remainder of their call, Greg, Leigh, and Kate shared their admirations for the mountains, beach, and snow.

We are so happy that our families were able to connect and better become acquainted. Kidsave will continue to advocate for and help our Summer Miracles hosts and Colombian children participating in the program meet and connect before this December.