Kidsave Families Take Kids on a Virtual Vacation

If you could go on a vacation right now, where would you go?

Kidsave hosted a virtual event where prospective families, Tony and Miciah, Judy-Anne and Brye, Herb and Jenae, and Ryan and Leah, had the opportunity to take their matched Colombian kids on a virtual vacation. Before the event, we asked each child, if they could go on vacation, where would they travel? A few days before the event we let each family know where their prospective host child(ren) wanted to go.

Lena (12) and Riley (12) wanted to travel to France, Vaughn (12) wanted to visit Russia, Yasir (10) wanted to go to Spain and Brazil, David (10) and Jordan (12) wanted to feel the warm sand on the beach, and Stella (8) and Yvette (15) wanted to visit Hawaii and France. The families used this information to share fun facts, photos, and videos of the children’s dream destination.

This unique event allowed everyone to get in the vacation spirit. Stephan, a prospective adoptive parent, dressed up as an airplane pilot and created his own travel agency named after his prospective adoptive children, Skyler and Yasir. Lena showed Guili a photo album with pictures of her foster family.

Although Yvette and Stella said they wanted to visit Hawaii and France they also said they would opt out of the warm sandy beaches and baguettes for a white winter because they don’t have the chance to see and play in the snow in Colombia. Stella and Yvette shared a beautiful moment via zoom with their soon to be hosts, Tony and Miciah.

David loved the opportunity to connect and speak with his hosts, Judy-Anne and Brye, and Vaughn loved speaking with his hosts Herb and Jenae with some help from ICBF staff, Wendy, to help translate the conversation. Ryan and Leah had a fantastic time on their virtual French experience with Riley and loved the opportunity to get to know her a bit more.

This event provided a wonderful mini virtual vacation full of future possibilities, smiles, and genuine connections. Ryan and Leah connected with Riley who they described being “good-natured, thoughtful, and inquisitive with a sense of adventure.” Liliana and Tony found out that Jordan is a confident, polite, smart, and humble young man.

The point of Kidsave’s virtual events is to connect children with loving prospective families. However, taking a virtual vacation even before meeting in person adds a sense of hope and excitement of all the possibilities to look forward to when our Colombian kids arrive in December!