Kidsave has helped more than 400 children find families in Sierra Leone over the last nine years.  Sadly, the need is still great. After the Ebola crisis hit, children whose parents were sick with the virus were taken to care centers with their parents. The parents died from Ebola and the children were moved to orphanages, where they have remained.

Kidsave supports partners who reunify children with members of their families or extended family back in their villages. These family members are usually very poor, so Kidsave supports them with small loans that enable them to build their businesses and feed and support their children.

No one counts the children in need but hundreds of Ebola orphans still languish in orphanages in the three communities where Kidsave works.

The government of Sierra Leone depends on nonprofits to support moving children into families. It costs $600 to support one child in Kidsave’s Sierra Leone program and Kidsave is there, working with our partners on the ground to help these kids to have a more normal life with people who will care about their future.