Project Description

Alvin – Age 10

Alvin is a caring and empathetic 10-year-old boy. His bright smile and affectionate nature endear him to everyone he meets. Making people feel loved is essential to him; Alvin’s always going out of his way to make others feel comfortable and appreciated. He is very affectionate and loves to give and receive hugs.

Alvin is also very social! He loves playing games with different kids and making new friends. Despite his youth, he has a very protective nature and dreams of protecting people when he grows up. His current dream is to become a police officer one day!

His Winter hosts say, “Alvin seems to like all the things normal kids like- active play, soccer, volleyball, playing with toys. He is very intuitive, friendly, well-mannered, and shows his sweet personality through his actions.”

Alvin is looking for his forever family to love him and help him achieve this life goal.