Hello Kidsave Family and Friends,

It’s the start of spring, a time we usually bask in the beauty of blooming flowers, blossoming trees, and warmer weather. However, this spring many of us are left feeling uncertain as COVID-19 events continue to unfold.

In this challenging moment, we wanted to check in with you and your family. We are hoping that you are all keeping well, staying safe and that you have the support you need from family and friends.

We also wanted to update you on what we are doing and the impact COVID-19 on our operations.

Because the safety and well-being of our families, our kids, and community is always our priority, we have canceled advocacy events through April. This is a huge disappointment to our kids who see these events as a chance to have some fun, connect with others and, of course, meet and get to know potential mentors and adoptive families.

For many of our kids in foster care and group homes, this is an unsettling period of uncertainty for them. And although we cannot hold advocacy events, there are ways you can continue to support and help them.

One thing you can do right now is to share their pictures and stories with your circle of friends.

We are deeply concerned for our LA kids who live in group homes and can’t escape into classrooms, sports, or being with their friends at this time.

We also think about Summer Miracles families who are waiting to travel to Colombia to complete their adoptions and the kids who are eagerly waiting for them.

Most of all, we are concerned about the kids who still wait for permanent families, uncertain about their future holds. We are advocating for them as much as we can at this time. Your help by sharing a Facebook or Instagram post and talking to friends and family can go a long way in helping these kids find the support and permanency they long for.

As we continue to reach out to families, we are also proud that — thanks to you — Kidsave has built a beautiful community and safety net for so many children.

Thanks to our dedicated Weekend hosts on the frontlines like Patti, who is hosting Michele, a 17-year-old who truly wants an adoptive family and is currently living in a group home.

Patti attended Michele’s group home team meeting as an advocate and provided much needed support.

Michele turns 18 in December and needs a family now.

Please inquire about her.

Thanks to adoptive families like Andy and Andrew in DC who brought their boys home from Colombia last year. Andrew is homeschooling their sons Maicol and Sebastian, as well as James, whose adoptive single dad, Calvin is at work. Kidsave families are stepping up — lovingly caring for each other and meeting a very unexpected need. The Kidsave community is strong!

We smiled when we heard from families like Dennis and Jacqueline in Queens, NY, who brought their 15-year-old twins Alex and Hazel home 4 months ago.

Along with soccer for Alex and photography for Hazel, “the girls practice a lot of ‘Tick Tok’ dances, always have the music on, and we’re going to choose a series on Netflix to watch together as a family,” said Dennis. “It’s so gratifying knowing our girls don’t have to worry about going anywhere.”

While we are all confined to our homes, we reflect on these stories.

For kids, all this uncertainty feels a little more bearable when they have a family by their side who cares deeply about them. We want, more than anything, to give all kids this certainty. Your help, in any way big or small, can make a difference. Ways you can support our kids include:

As we continue to advocate for our kids, we welcome your suggestions and ideas as you are part of a strong virtual community of advocates for kids.

We can’t wait to get together again with our community, with families and youth who need them.

Drop me a line and let me know how YOU are doing.


For questions, concerns or more information please contact our Communications Director Lauren Davis.